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About Us

Jobhous is a HR company existing in Nigeria, USA and Canada.

Motto:"Connecting Talent. Igniting Potential. Worldwide"

Mission Statement: "Unlocking Global Potential. We bridge the talent gap, connecting individuals with dream careers and empowering them to thrive on a worldwide stage."

Core Values Statement (ETHIC):

Expertise and Services:

At Jobhous, we are driven by our mission to Unlock Global Potential.  We act as a bridge for international talent acquisition, seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes with the best candidates across Nigeria, the USA, and Canada.

We also, render services like the below;

Creating a Professional Portfolio:,c_limit/public/files/products/komnttpjth5op6508js5.png

We create a 21st century website or hardcopy portfolio that combines the below 3 types of portfolio features;

LinkedIN Optimization:,c_limit/public/files/products/vlxgep16h6zixyjmzqam.png

Our LinkedIn Profile writing and optimization service is delivered by NCOPE (Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert) certified professionals. They have written top-performing LinkedIn profiles for executives across the globe.

We use proprietary data on what recruiters search for as well as our in-depth knowledge of the LinkedIn and Gated Talent AI systems to optimize profiles around the appropriate keywords and phrases that will get executives onto recruiters’ radars.

we provide this service for Individuals and for Businesses.

Job Seeker Applications:,c_limit/public/files/products/tfd8bs3y07qdfk5ff6hg.png

For a period of defined Months, Jobhous will help you get Job Vacancies that suits and meets your needs; relieving you off the stress of *Sourcing for job adverts yourself, * take off your fusses about how to apply for jobs and get interviews,*Compile and package your documents to suit your job applications...

We apply to;

#Government job adverts,

#International job adverts,

#Custom job adverts and

#Normal job advert on your behalf as they suit you, depending on your selected plan of choice.

Companies and Business Adverts

We offer advertisement services for your brand that exceeds your aim of advert.

the duration of the advert determines the price. Make your cool choice

Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter:,c_limit/public/files/products/uqqzo1pdx11if3a4o2yk.png

Allow Jobhous the privilege of drafting your *Statement of Purpose or *Motivational Letter, whilst you get prepared for your Interviews.

We have experience in writing for;

Skills, Talent Discoveries and Job Interview training:,c_limit/public/files/products/vfmlx1m81x9igqjbq10i.png

At Jobhous we are also passionate about helping you discover your hidden potentials.

we can also help you discover yourself naturally to ace all Interviews. we are also available for Trainings.

Professional CV and Cover Letter Writing:,c_limit/public/files/products/rbip6s9rwygdme0ocdo0.png

Let Jobhous create the CV that helps you achieve your goal.

Including a letter of intent that broadly explain why you want to apply for that job.

We create a Resume and Cover letter capable of fulfilling the argument that you advocate to be appropriate for that position, and the desire to be contacted by the employer to prove your professional potential.

Business Proposal:,c_limit/public/files/products/1xgqy6ceo0v9cqfp10zk.png

Let us draft your winning and successful business proposals according to your need/budget. “Although a great proposal by itself seldom wins a deal, a bad proposal can definitely lose one. And, after all, winning business is what writing proposals is all about.” Tom Sant.


Business Plan:,c_limit/public/files/products/36snra6llpwo57jxfatt.png

Let us draft your successful and comprehensive ideal business plan according to you and your company need/size. “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Lakein,

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!” Brian Tracy,


Recruitment For Hiring Companies:,c_limit/public/files/products/79xic33ax6fho1erflja.png

There's more to fulfilling your talent needs than just hiring. We can help your company in its recruitment process. taking off the burden for your company to attend to other needs.


Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions:,c_limit/public/files/products/b0b0h1ih34i4fcdzx07u.png

An employee contract can be used to formalize your employment agreement with a new employee. either Permanent employment, temporary employment or independent contractors.

Let Jobhous absorb the stress and help you create your employment contract and Job descriptions for your employee.


Business Incorporation and Registration:,c_limit/public/files/products/ewetf3l6mhse0p678078.png

we are specialist in;


Our comprehensive HR solutions include:

We partner with recruitment agencies to expand our reach and provide a wider pool of qualified candidates for your open positions.  This collaborative approach allows us to offer a truly international recruitment experience.


Target Market:

Our HR solutions are designed to empower businesses of all sizes and sectors that are looking to:

By partnering with Us, Jobhous, you gain access to a world of talent and the expertise to navigate the intricacies of international recruitment. Let us help you unlock your global potential and ignite the success of your international workforce.

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